Monday, June 15, 2009

the time goes by like a theif in the night, and leaves very little behind to grasp on to. I have to be so careful not to fill my busy days with thoughts of "I wish I had", or should haves and could haves. I was lucky enough this past weekend to be reminded that I am amoung the rare few who have been fortunate enough to have experienced pure joy. There are two occasions that give me the kind of feelings that can only be described as pure joy. They are; watching my oldest daughter play basketball, and watching my youngest do ballet. I could sit and watch them do these things for hours on end, with not another thought in my head. When I become old and senile, I wish to be propped up in front of a huge flat screen TV, with a continuous loop DVD of my girls, playing basketball, and doing ballet. I would die a happy and content woman. I'm not sure all the reasons why these things effect me the way they do, but I am so thankful they do. In spite of the fact my oldest no longer plays, I still hold the memory, and the feeling it brougt to me. The same feeling was there this weekend, watching my youngest daughter dance. It was poetry, in fluid motion. I am rich. I am blessed.

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