Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It was a real treat to read my cards again today. I would like to read them daily, but with my schedule, it just doesn't happen. Besides, I want time to reflect on the reading, and what it means for me. So, given my time issues, I think I will shoot for reading once a week, on the weekends, with the week to reflect on the lessons that pop up. I knew tonight's reading was going nicely as soon as I pulled the Grandmother's card. Everytime I see this card I get a warm, soothed feeling. I love this card, and it's symbol (moon), and when I see this card I feel like I have guidance wispered in my ear. I prefer the minor arcana when I read, because I feel more comfortable with my intepretations of them over the major arcana. I know some people take the major arcana out of the deck and keep them in a spot where they can draw a card a day to reflect on. (I don't know if then a reading would consist of only minor arcana since the major are pulled out?) I like this idea, but I likely will have to do one card a week since it is taking me more time to cover all the bases lately. I think I will take one major arcana card a week to work with all week. And I will start this week with the Grandmother's card :)

I have been flooded with creative and crafty energy, and loving it. It is a quieting counter balance to my angst over diet, health, life, etc.

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