Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Magic of Autumnal Equinox - Spirit of Purpose in Balance and Harvest -

The autumn equinox is marked by a time of balance. Balance of night and day, dark and light, harvest and seed. It is the doorway to the shadow time of the year (Winter). It calls for honoring of all the work we have done for the year, to complete our journeys, and to bring ourselves within.

To honor this celebration is to honor your moments of Equality: the balance of your inner and outer reality, your masculine and feminine qualities of
giving and receiving, speaking and listening, being active and being restful, making decisions and being creative.

The Autumn Equinox corresponds to the Sun crossing the celestial equator moving southward. It is based on the day when night and day are nearly of the same length (balance) and it marks the first day of Autumn.

Traditionally observed with a harvest feast to celebrate and share the abundance of the past season. A time when the plants are setting their seeds; making themselves ready for their new cycle (harvest).

This ritual is about harvesting ALL that the Universe has waiting for us, and to assist us to use this time to balance ourself and our life.
Remember, everything that is placed on one side of the scale has to have something else placed on the other side. Thus, creating and maintaining balance; look closely at our life's balance, shifting what needs to be shifted or changing what needs to be changed, to help balance the scale.

The time before the Autumnal Equinox should be spent contemplating what you are willing to honor to be in your state of Harvest. It is a time to contemplate what you have achieved and what you are thankful for.

Some Autumn Ritual Pratices ;

Establish the Spirit of Purpose (i.e. what you wish to accomplish and how you want to align with the energies of the Universe to do so)

Choose candles that are the colors of fall leaves; colors of abundance, reward, and completion.

Use the essences of Apple, Cinnamon, Frankincense.

Bring in Rosemary or Poppy.

Use stones of Calcite, Opal or Turquoise

"I Am Living in the Light of Abundance"
"I am Creating from the Light of Constant Flow"
"I AM Abundance"

“Goddess I call to you now
Listen to my solemn vow
I choose to walk in abundance and gratitude
and desire to live a positive attitude
Assist me now, I call to you
Help me stay balanced in all I do.”

*Peace and blessings*


  1. I found your blog this morning, and I so enjoyed reading your posts. You have a lovely way with words...
    Ah Autumn, how I wish it was just a bit cooler here in south Mississippi. I let my mind pretend and bring the Autumn indoors.
    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  2. Ahhh Autumn is right! I can almost breathe again...

    Wishing you a wonderful season!