Monday, August 10, 2009

If I could truly have a magical wish, I think it would be to add more hours to the day. Sometimes my schedule drives my priorities, rather than the other way around! But - either way, even with limited time, the goddess, nature, and all the elements find a way to speak. When my garden meditation time was limited, I still found the elements speaking to me as I was in the kitchen, washing and hanging fresh herbs for drying. I realized I just needed more time one morning, as I was making time for my herb garden before work. It was very early, before sunrise, but the sky was still glowing from the full moon the night before. I was washing each basil leaf with chamomile tea, hoping to chase away what ever little pest was eating the leaves away faster than I could. As I noticed the time, and how many leaves would be involved in the process, I quickly changed to a large spray bottle, rather than the little cotton ball ! :)
I clipped some fresh mint, brewed it for 20 minutes or so, then once it cooled, I put it in a little spray bottle. A sprits on the face is the most delightful toner ! And it is so cooling on a hot summer day.
My cards have been neglected this week, and they don't hesitate to remind me ! Once my wish for a few more hours comes through, I will definately re-unite with them ;)

My creative energies continue to ride wild. I found notes on other blogs about people whose creative energies peak when they spend more time on their spiritual energies. Just curious if there is a trend there.... I wanted to identify the inspiration behind my "burst". I should have everything ready to set up "shop" on Etsy by summers end. :)
Peace and Blessings


  1. Oh, yeah! That's a great wish. More hours w/o getting tired. That would be great. :)

  2. More hours in the Fall maybe...summer hours can fly by if they like.

    I do think there is a corespondence with spiritual and creative energy. When you are in a great place with your practice, or your connection to Nature or Spirit, I think it opens you up more, and creativity can definitely flow!