Sunday, September 13, 2009

A season of Change approaches

When I read my cards this afternoon, I pulled the Resources (the magician) card in the West position, telling me where I should focus my divination energies. It includes getting my home in order as it is a manifestation of personal resources. It also represents recognizing myself as a resource, and my ability to use the tools I have to manifest my spirtiual self. As usual, it seemed to fit right in with the flow of things during the past week.
I was lucky to have a few extra days off from work, with some vacation time tacked on to the Labor Day Holiday, and then a state mandated furlough day thrown in that left me with some great ME time : )

I guess I was in a cleansing and banishing mood most of the week. On Tuesday I swept out the entire house - and I do mean sweep, not vacuum! On Wednesday during a ritual I was burning sage, and since we were in a waning moon, I decided it was a good time to just go through the entire house. It just seemed like ideal timing, the day after my sweeping frenzy. I smudged each room, and paid paricular attention to the rooms my daughter spends time in. She's young, and just came out of a two year relationship with her first love. I felt like it was good to just get rid of some of the sorrowful feelings that have been lurking. The TV room, usually is her "domain" to hang out with friends, the boyfriend, etc. So, I paid particular attention to that room while smudging. I was so surprised to find that the elements just have a way of establishing themselves and speaking to us, naturally. In the TV room, I found that she had hung a butterfly (deceased) she found, near the east corner of the room, and then near the west corner, she had hung a Hawian lay from a school play, and put a sea shell near by. She is not into the elements, and would not know to deliberatley represent them in that way, it had to have just happenend. I was so surprised to see the universe manifesting in such discreet ways. I plan on trying again to spark her interest in her inert abilities to hear nature as it quietly tries to get our attention.
The change in the season is such a blessing. It is the time of year when you can smell fall, and feel it in the air!
Peace and Blessings


  1. You've inspired me to pull my cards out today! The cleaning will have to wait though...giggle.


  2. That smudging and sweeping sounds like a good idea. I just did a whole house smudging as well. I regularly smudge my sacred space. :)

  3. I was in a cleaning/smudging mood last week too, got a lot done. And I read another witchy blog that was talking about decluttering / clearing our space. I thinkit must be in the air! Mercury Retrograde, anyone??

  4. I feel those little nudges sometimes, just seems to point me in the right direction. I finally found some smudging bundles at a local shop and I hope to smudge are cottage during this waning moon.
    Hope your daughter is coping with her breakup ok. My daughter just ended a long relationship (she is 21) and having a rough time.