Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cage
So, for most of my adult life, I have found that my intuition is always so much stronger when I am consistant with my meditaion practice. I also have natural insticts with certain people who act as intuitives for me. Some good, some bad, but a connection of sorts just the same. A friend of mine, Andrea, introduced me to a guy she was seeing. They hung out together alot, but otherwise, I would have said they had nothing in common, except for the fact that Andrea was best friends with the guys wife. This always added a dark Karma to things between them, in my eyes. As I spent more time around "David" and Andrea, I grew ever uneasy about him. I could see a dark spirit in him that would grow very clear when he drank and partied. (I finally put my finger on it years later when I saw Johny Angelov in Practical Magic). When ever we read our tarot, there were warnings that we were keeping company with danger. "David" would always become angry and frustrated, and often ended up throwing the tarot deck across the room. He eventually 'forbade' Andrea from reading her cards. He was both dark and charismatic at once. He had a cocky imortality about him. A dangerous combination in my opionion. Soon after meeting him, I began having regular dreams, first just dreams of being under water. Then, my dream would take me underwater, but now there would be a huge black iron cage sitting on the bottom. After several weeks of seeing the empty cage in my dream, I soon started seeing "David", in the cage, locked, and trapped under water. It distutbed me, and I wondered if some kind of harm was coming his way (Karma ?). I felt even more uneasy around "David" when ever I hung out with Andrea. I told her of the dream, and we tried to figure out why I felt so uneasy with him. I saw him in danger, but felt Andrea was the one I should be warning, and I just couldn't figure it out. It got to the point that I felt afraid of him, but could never give a valid reason why. The dream continued, then, I finally had the realization that what did not seem right, was that when "David" was trapped under water in the cage, he never looked afraid, in distress, or like someone who would be drowning. That put a chill in me. I tried to tell Andrea he was bad energy. I started feeling more confrontational with "David" when we would all hang out and party as a group. I would not divert his dark gaze, or flinch from his flirtations, and I felt sure that he was "on to me", for having figured him out. Some time passed, and the dream was still returning to me, only now, I would watch, as Andrea would swim down into the dark water, and try to open the cage door, to let "David" out. And just as I should have guessed, when ever Andrea the door would swing the cage door open, "David" would grab her by the arms, pull her into the cage, swim out, and slam the door locked, trapping Andrea inside. "David" would grow huge black thorns on his spine, and swim to the surface, and out of sight. The dream unerved me. To know that I could walk in such close circles with such a bad energy and not even be aware for such a long time. "David" continued seeing by friend for sometime, always keeping things at his hand by keeping her intoxicated and feeling worthless. The relationship eventually came to a bitter and dramatic end. "David's" wife was left broken and hurt, as was my friend, who lost the relationship with "David's" wife for ever. To this day, I try to trust my instincts, and work on learning what my own cues mean. How to interpret the messages, and act accordingly. Meditaion, tarot, my rituals, all help sharpen those skills.
{Peace and Blessings}

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