Saturday, July 25, 2009

circle maintenance

It's a funny thing - a few years back I had a wand, a basic dowel that I had carved and wood burned some nice designs on. So, a while back, my path changed somewhat, and I no longer had the wand. But I have always like using my wand when I cast a circle. So, with my usual wand gone, I found a nice branch from a tree, a hearty weight, and a little longer than my wand was. I have been using the branch for sometime to cast my circles, and always thinking, gee, I still need to pick up a new wand. Well, this morning it hit me, I DO have a new wand. This branch is purfect, and it just feels nice in my hands. What was I thinking? Is the answer always that clear ? I also noticed how often I have to replenish my four quarters items. I use pine cones for the North, and feathers for the east. Well, it seems the squireles are making off with them everytime I turn around and I have to keep replacing them! Thank goodness they are not strong enough to take the sea shells and fire pit!

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