Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Moon

It's a new moon tonight, so it will be dark skies for a couple nights. Over the weekend I set up a great space outside that is isolated and quiet. I think tonights new moon would be a purfect time to bless the space, and make it sacred. It is a wonderful meditation spot. In the morning's it is full of bird's singing, and at night it is quiet and still. I have a small fire pit to burn some sage, and the four quarters are represented. The guidance I ask for in meditation comes like a wisper in my ear. When I was asking guidance from the Goddess about my writing, suddenly I was surrounded by information about new authors, and flooded with ideas. It seemed like something about writing was around me everywhere I looked. Then, just that quickly, it was gone. Proof of signs we get, and miss because we are so focused on the day to day drudgery. Last week during meditation, my thoughts kept going to the projects I am working on in hopes of starting my own business. Then I saw another blog with someone who was at the same step as me, with the same kind of project going on. I keep getting validation that my prayers and meditations are being heard. How fraustrating it must be for the Goddess to keep patience with us dummies who step right over inspiration, while looking for inspiration!! Yesterday morning my meditation was completely distracted by thoughts of things I am working on, things I have been making, and ideas of new things to create for my business, even ways to market my stuff. At first I was so fraustrated with all these "distractions" and racing thougts; bothered that I could not seem to quiet my mind. Then - I realized - maybe that was inspiration coming to me when things were quiet in my head ? So, how much guidance have I been getting that I just didn't recognize ?????
Blessed New Moon to all.
*Special blessings to Heather. I will ask the Goddess tonight for special blessings for you during this hard time.*

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful space you have there! I know what you mean about missing the inspiration when you are seeking inspiration - giggle! It's all a process though. I think the Divine has infinite patience, otherwise the Goddess would have given up on me ages ago!