Monday, August 17, 2009

I just have to expound on some thoughts I shared with a fellow blogger about women. See, I truly believe that all women have a regal, or "royal" blood line. Going back, and I mean way back, women were held in highest esteem, the leaders in the villages, who provided spiritual guidance, and medicine for the sick. Later religions and churches felt threatened, and women eventually were pushed to the background - but - the calling and birth right remain for all women. Our true talents lie sleeping or dormant for many of us. There is magic in all of us, thats one of the perks of our natural calling. On August 13, a day for Hecate ceremony, I took time to enjoy the beautiful moon, and to give thanks for the gifts and talents that make the fibre of women's spirits. Brightest blessings, and a toast to all women, magickal or otherwise :D