Sunday, August 23, 2009

I primped over my herbs this weekend, and cut some new bunches of mint and basil for drying. And since I never seem to find time to organize all my notes into one big book, I ended up adding little yellow stickies insides of the doors of my herb cabinet, to help me remember what is useful for what.
I even cut some nice Lavender sprigs to hang in the bedroom for my 17 year old daughter who is suffering from a heart broken by love, the way only a 17 year old can. For those of us who remember love at that age - enough said.
I finished a rather nice (if I may say so myself :)) Hecate image candle holder, and some black Ivy leaf pattern wall hangings. I had an altogether awesome Yoga workout yesterday. My daughter was at work and hubby was snoozing on the couch - so I made off upstairs for uninterrupted time with my antique Yoga video tape! It was an amazing session - I actually felt parts of my spine I did not know existed :)
I read my cards, and the one that really spoke to me was the Four of Arrows in the South position of my lay out. The Four of Arrows; Contemplate your blessings; ...."the road traveled by others may not lead me to my destination..... live today within your means and see how peaceful it can be there.....".
I'll keep this card with me all week for daily reflection. Since I don't have time to pull a new card everyday - and since it takes me more than one day for deeper recognition of the cards essence, this gives me a chance for fuller devotion and contemplation of the cards qualities.
My list of "unfinished business" will include making candle holders with some nice Waterhouse prints. I hope to take a walk later tonight out by the river or the canal since we are still in a dark moon phase, Hecate's favored time I believe. The sky has been just amazing lately with all the storm activity and thunder storms. I just was not adventurous enough to go out in it last night, but it seems tonight will be calmer. My mission for tonight is to go up the canal a piece behind a larger property nearby for some nice willow brances for my circle out back. If I am lucky, I may find more pine cones, since the squirrles continue to steal mine from my circle, leaving my north quarters rather bare !


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Good for you for getting in some yoga-time (something I didn't get a chance to do this weekend!)

    I feel for your daughter. I remember those times too well. The lavender is a lovely gesture and should help.

    Have a beautiful Sunday evening!

  2. Just saw your comment on my blog...

    The only broken-heart spell I've ever written/done was one that I used to break the ties between myself and an ex-boyfriend who wouldn't leave me alone. So that would definitely not be useful if your daughter wants this boy back. Of course, you and I know that if he was foolish enough to break her heart - he's not good enough for her!

    I think you are right on track with the lavender. Magically, lavender is used for protection, peace and purification. Surround her with it, charging the lavender with your love for her and wishes for her heart to heal according to her highest good.

    By "surround" I mean, placing Lavender where she will come into contact with it. Her room. The bathroom. The kitchen. Beside a computer she uses. Even pop a sachet in her drawers if you don't feel that's too invasive.

    Surrounding her with a healing herb and the love and support of her mother is about the best thing you can do without interfering. My mom's willingness to listen when I wanted to talk, and let me be when I didn't, is part of the reason why we are still so close today.

    If this doesn't work, I might have a gypsy friend who'll hex the rotten boy for you. Kidding...mostly.

    Blessings to you and your daughter.

  3. Thank you Rue!
    I will put a little more Lavender is her life -I have just one /sprig hanging over her bed, but there are a few more places I can add it. Thanks for the insight. You right about the talking thing - sometimes she spills everything out - and sometimes she's like a vault, and I just have to be patient. Thank you for you help Rue.
    I will cut some more lavender tonight after work, and definately add some more to her life. And if that doesn't do,.... we'll look up that gypsy friend of yours ;D