Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help !

OK - I have tried everything to save the last of my lavender. I love this herb, and it has come in very handy when I needed it. I have tried less water, more water, less sun, more sun, and have replanted a couple times, and no change. This pot in the pictures is my "rescue pot" - and I don't know if you can tell by the pics but the soil is "just moist" - and as you can see, the lavender is not happy at all. It is still warm here on the east coast - in fact today is a little humid - most plants are lush and perky - but this guy is just all washed out. Any suggestions? I did some major cuttings a while back when I needed some Lavender. But not anything that should have wiped it out completly. Even then, it was not full, lush, or deep green, and never bloomed. There is still a faint pulse, and I won't give up, so I am up for any suggestions....


  1. love escher...don't like usher. glad you like my blog!!!! i have had problems with lavender too. i see those pics of fields pf lavender and feel like such a failure! i finally got a patch that is thriving and i think i figured it out. lavender loves sunny dry conditions. BUT it must be planted in well drained soil. my thriving patch is on a hillside with sandy soil. though it needs the occasional moisture, it has to drain off. hope this helps!!!!

  2. Hi!
    Lavender can be finicky! As Jaz said, lavender likes sunny, dry conditions. Well drained soil is a must! I haven't had any luck with it in pots. There are a multitude of varieties and finding the right one for your area can be tricky. Here's a site that helped me.

    Good luck!
    BB ~ Jeanne

  3. Good luck! I'm terrible with plants so I will refrain from suggesting anything. LOL! I'm trying to get better though!! :)

  4. Ohhhh, the poor baby!!!! my trick with lavender.... plant it in a hot sunny location... and IGNORE IT!!! I don't water it, or fetalize it or anything. and it went from one plant till it now surrounds my cauldron.. almost 5 feet around!!! Lavender doesn't like you to bother it. but remember.. almost full sun, add some play sand to the soil before you plant it... likes good sandy soil. and then ignore it!!!

  5. Hey, just wanted to you know I nominated you for an award at my place! Swing on by and only if you choose to participate. :) However, you deserve it! I love your blog. :)


  6. Oh Thank you for the suggestions! I have some patches out back that have some sandy soil - I will take it out of the pot - put it back in the ground with a sandy mix - and give it my best intentions. Maybe near the top of an incline to help with the drainage. Thank you for the help. I have to go check out Vintage Sage to see what there for me.... Just love suprises! :)