Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Shop is OPEN !


The Blue Moon Treasures ETSY shop is officially open. Please check it out at by clicking :

(Don't forget the numeral 1 after the word treasures if you're entering the web site into your browser.)

All the items are made with intentions of peace and love. My favorite is the Victorian Centepiece ~ so much so that it may be hard to part with.... guess I'll have to make another right away to keep for myself :)

*Peace and Blessings *


  1. Ooh, ooh, headed over there now! Congratulations!!!


  2. Your art is just beautiful! I do love things that glow in the candlelight! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations!!
    awesome!! cannot wait to check it out!!

  4. Thank's you guys!
    It really is work of love - and one of my greatest pleasures. I'm really lucky!

  5. Oh so very lovely! It's just gorgeous with the light shining through... Good luck on your Etsy shop!

    Too very odd about the fear of water. I would say more than a coincidence. I wonder what other things there are in common.....

    BB ~ Jeanne

  6. These are lovely!
    So glad you found me up here in the mountains...
    seems we like the same big softy!

  7. Oh my goddess...
    I MUST have one of those hecate centerpieces...
    Please make a reservation for me.



  8. beautiful work.. i just can not decide which one I want..

  9. Oh my such lovely things! I am seriously eyeing that candleholder, its just up my alley.
    Congratulations ~ I wish you much success!

  10. Oh dear, I forgot to thank you for the award! Such sweet things you said about my blog too. I love Somewhere in Time ~ one of my favorite movies!

  11. What pretty work you must be good to yourself and make one for YOU!☺

  12. Little pumpkin -

    I have two Hekate's finished - one with black frames and one with dark brown - no problem saving one for you - which color do you prefer ? I love this one too, I have her on my alter. It looks amazing when you light the candle - she comes to life with every flicker of the flame ~~~ Hekate was the first alter piece I made a long time back for a friend - and she fuled the inspiration to make the others.

  13. Jeanne -
    Yup ~ I agree, some very odd "coincidences" - if you read over everyones list - just strange.

  14. Laurie -
    Yes - I know which one youre talking about - the Victorian - it's one of my favorites - but I am still very partial to the Hekate -
    I LOVE Somewhere in Time - it's one of those I can't get enough of - I still get chills when he reaches in his pocket and see that modern day penny !!!!

  15. Celia ~ Mother Moon ~ and Tammy !

    Thanks for all your kind words. Glad you like them ~ and
    yes ~ I'm very glad I stumbled upon your Hollow Celia ;) It's a very cool spot.
    The alter pieces really are a labor of love. Each one has something of me in them, and I actually have a little seperation anxiety when they leave like hoping they go off to a "good home"... how funny is that ! :)

  16. i would love to have the one with the black frame.
    i´m searching for a hecate-piece for my altar for a longer time, but in germay i didn´t find anything...*sigh*
    will you make a reservation for me on etsy ?
    i´ll jump in than and buy it.
    my etsy-name ist kassandramedea.
    i´m so happy, that you made these wonderful things.