Sunday, October 25, 2009

Got A Match ?

I spent far more time than I bargained for rolling fresh sage leaves in newspaper to dry it out. I'm getting a stock supply so I can make up some smudging bundles. A few hours later, I realized I had something that looked like alien cigars. I have never dried my sage this way before, and I don't remember now how long it takes this way, but I understand the newspapers help with absorbing the moisture and limits the chance for mold. I know there will be some "shrinkage", but I hope to end up with a good stock until my little cuttings have grown into something more substantial.


  1. very cool. i'd love to hear how long it takes them before they are dry.

  2. Let us know how this works out - I've never dried anything this way - neat!

  3. I've seen them done this way. Apparently it takes about a week or two for them to completely dry out in newspaper.

    Looks like you'll have a TON of sage smudges. Hmm. They'll make great gifts for friends for Yule. If you can part with them that is. ;)