Saturday, October 24, 2009

Walking on Water!

I'm really fortunate in these days of economic disaster and hybrid cars, that I can walk to and from work. The real perk is the beautiful surroundings of my walk. I cross the Delaware river daily (I know, most locals would not consider the Delaware "scenic", but I find beauty and magic almost every day in my travels).
*Please forgive my "rustic" photography skills ~ Ansel Adams has no threat from me... :)

I get to see my regular group of friends each day..... :)
The majority of my travel is along the elevated foot path that runs along the river.

On the right side of the river is the city where my office is........

And on the left side is the little town where I live.....

Crossing over is the best part....

From the middle of the bridge it is so wonderful~ when all the elements are in place. My favorite time is when there is a bit of wind, a light rain, and the river current is heavy. The energy coming off that large body of moving water is pure magic!
By the time I get to work, or home in the evening, my head is clear, and I feel so charged.

The view from my house is serene, whether the water is still as glass, or rough and energized!

I can't imagine why I ever spent years sitting in my car, battling traffic jams and angry drivers trying to wrangle our cars through thick traffic to get into the city. I used to be so tense by the time I got to my office, the negative energy was palpable. I can't help but gigle as I walk over the bridge, passing the traffic jams. I have my Ipod with my favorite music, and get home faster than it used to take just to get out of the city parking garage !! Go figure!


  1. I have to agree that rivers (whatever their size) have the most wonderful energy! It must be a bit nippy in the Winter though!

    I have a friend who commutes an hour and a half to work and then back again. 3 hours each day in a car to work in the city. Ick. That's like your life slipping away right in front of your eyes!

  2. That's absolutely beautiful, but as many have pointed out in the past few weeks I would be sprinting down that path everyday because I have seen too many horror films!