Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wonderful Pendulum from Hibiscus Moon

I have to say I am just so tickled with the amethyst pendulum I ordered from Hibiscus Moon!

It's really a beauty ~ and I'm not just saying that because I love Amethyst!

There was also the added special treat of a botle of Samhain ritual oil ~ as a gift. The oil is infused with Obsidian and Hematite, and smells just amazing! I love it!

The oil came in the pretty tan sparkle bag, and the pendulum has it's own pouch, as well as information about it.

Really couldn't be more pleased. I'm so glad I stumbled onto her site!!!!

I'm still new to pendulum practice, but I find my "learning" sessions to be very relaxing, and now I am really excited to begin practice with the amethyst. I really am still finding my way tho. I have to cleanse, and charge it first.

So Excited !


  1. Beautiful! I need to order one from Hibiscus Moon for sure! Funny you posted this I JUST received, today, my citrine crystal chunk. It's so beautiful. I also got my rose quartz heart and she added a small gift of two additional stones. Her products are so great, aren't they? Can't wait for my next order. Oh I bet that oil is fabulous!

  2. Wonderful finds! I love amethyst! I use my pendulum for chakra clearing. Funny how something that seems so simple really works! I just need to remember to do it more often!

  3. Very nice. Amethyst is one of my favorite stones.. I have several yet I really like the pendulum.... Maybe I should head of there and check it out...

  4. I love amethyst too. Many times I sleep with an amethyst crystal under my pillow. I always seem to remember my dreams upon awakening.
    I would love to have a pendulum, one of these days...

  5. Love the pendulum. So pretty!