Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was so lucky to get some technical support from Michelle at Pumpkins and Toadstools - and now ......... (drumroll...) I finally have a button !
Thank you so much Michelle - your such a dear!
And with the tip from Rue about using Citrine, and with the great prospertity spell that Charity emailed to me, theres just no stopping things now ! : )
I guess it's true, we really do get by with a little help from our friends
Aside from all the creative energy I have been riding buckshot with, I have been seeking ways to deepen my daily practice. I sometimes find I get so busy with my craft, that I have no time for my craft... if that makes any sense. I plan to bring in some of my wicker yard furniture this weekend since the frost setting in, and my hopes are to paint one of the pieces, and set up a nice alter area for some daily rituals and meditations. There was a nice idea on Vintage Sage's site about how she pulls one tarot card a day and lights candles as part of her daily rituals. This would work even with my crazy schedule. But, I do have the Oktoberfest this weekend as well, so I am already "double booking" myself : /
How do others find ways to work regular devotions and rituals into their day to day schedules ?
Rue recently wrote about a near "coming out" experience she had at work. It made me think, wouldn't it be a hoot for me to just pull out my cards, my pendulum, crystals, etc, even cast a circle, right there in my little office cubicle !!! : )
With the level of drama that flows in my office on any normal day - somehing like that would cause a major riot !!! Hmmm - tempting.... ; - )


  1. I snagged your button before your html was up - but I made it a link, so we're good! Isn't Michele the greatest?

    I've taken my Tarot cards to work before - we had a "Fall Cleaning" night last year (which we are doing again in 2weeks) where all the ladies offer a service like Reiki, manicures, readings, food and drink, etc. and we all go around getting a mini-sample of what people do! It's a blast! I think they always thought that the Tarot was a funny hobby though - not something I took seriously!

  2. I have a small altar set up at work. I have an extra table that was just sitting there. And since I have my own office it works. Plus, I bring my tarot cards with me everywhere. It's nice having a special space in my office for giving readings.

    BTW, I'm a new follower. You have a nice corner of the bloggosphere here!

  3. Yes, true, but wouldn't it be fun!