Monday, October 12, 2009


Our town is having it's anual Oktoberfest ~ and I am doing a vendor table to peddle my wares :)

I did a few speacial Halloween candle holders since it is a favorite holiday for so many people!

I should have done a good fortune spell the night before - but I was working all night getting my stuff ready.

I am doing a table again next weekend - and I have plenty of inventory on hand ~ so next week I plan on spending my Friday night breaking in the new cauldron I got from Judith at Merlin's Mistress for a good fortune spell just to give things a little push. If anyone knows any good fortune spells they favor - I would love to hear about them !


  1. I hope you sell all your wonderful lamps! Make sure to have a piece of citrine on you or in your cash box at the market - it's called the "Merchant's Stone" for good reason!


  2. Good Luck with your wares...they are so lovely you won't really need it!

    My husband (The Giant Troll) grew up in Germany and he loved The Oktoberfest there...I didn't know they did them in America it a traditional thing?

  3. These are neat. When I was growing up the only Halloween decorations we had were pictures we drew and hung in the windows and of course our carved pumpkin. I must admit I don't decorated much for Halloween although i do enjoy the candy!
    Good luck at the Oktoberfest!

  4. Thanks Rue - ! I never knew about Citrine being the Merchants stone! :) I just thought it looked nice !

    Celia ~ yes there are some Oktoberfest celebrations here - although my husband swears that with no beer or bratwurst it's really just a "carnival" - :)

    Thanks Laurie - I have to admit it's fun just hangning out - even if I don't sell anything!

  5. Love your candle holders! Hope you do great at your show!