Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It was such a JOY to come home from work tonight to find a package waiting for me !! :)
And with so many goodies ! It was like my Birthday !
Judith at Merlin's Magical Mistress hosted a "trade away" - just like a give away, but with a swap, just for fun and good Karma ! :)
I was the most fortunate recipient of a whole bunch of good stuff. OOOooo such treasures!

The little copper cauldron is perfect for burning herbs indoors ! And hanging from it you can see the great charm bracelet that has a crystal (have to find out more about the crystal). The bracelet came in a beautiful little red silk purse that is a little hard to make out in my pic :/

There was also this great candle snuffer, black steel, all decked out for season as you can see !

And a collection of adorable refrigerator magnets - including a couple jinxy looking fairies ! My photography skills leave something to be desired..... but this says " the last person that pissed me off got turned into a frog, you however won't be that lucky"
Many Many thanks Judith !!!! It is all just wonderful ! :))


  1. What a great trade! I love how someone else's things become our new treasures!

    I don't know how to make a button, unfortunately. Michele from "Pumpkins and Toadstools" made mine for me. I think you need a photoshop type program, which I don't have. You can ask her how she made it, or google "how to make a blog button". I'm so technologically challenged!

    Let me know if you get one up - I have a real soft spot for your blog (and you!) and I'd love to have a button up for you!


  2. Oh, thank you Rue. Let me figure it out asap and I'll get right back tou you. sorry for the typoss... have to type with one hand since my kitty insists on being stretched out in my arms as I type : |

  3. what a wonderful idea.... about the button...tell you if you email heather at girlchef she is a dear and will make it up for you.. she did mine... I had instructions and just could not get it right...

  4. This swap with Judith is so lovely...I wish I had entered now!

    The stuff looks gorgeous...I don't know which I like best...

    I love your kitten typo's too...made me laugh!

    Thanks for the comment about the awards...made me feel better knowing I wasn't alone!

  5. Oh I love getting packages!!
    What wonderful goodies you received, I love the candle snuffer. I have been searching for a little cauldron, that one is lovely!

    Thank you for your sweet comment you left yesterday, it means a lot.

  6. Great blog, and thanks for stopping by. I wrote a post with all the links you need for a blog button and scroll box which can be found here:

    If you have any trouble then let me know and I can try to put something together for you like I did for Rue :) Blessings x

  7. Hello again, if you email me the HTML code for your button I'll make the scroll box for you :) just send the full code to me at and I'll sort it out.
    )O( x

  8. LOL and let me tell you Merlin personally inspected each and every item... and checked out the box also... hope your not allergic! giggle