Sunday, November 1, 2009

Crossing to a New Year !

I hope all had a blessed Samhain ~~

(for those who are not Philly's fans, I appologize for the jack 0 lantern. The blame falls to my daughters boyfriend )
We did not exactly have a Samhain feast. Dinner was pretty ordinary in itself, and we didn't have a seat at the table for loved ones who have passed over, as some would do, although we probably should have.
We did enjoy this pumpkin cake though:
You know it's a good sign when it is half gone before I get a chance to take a picture! The recipe is compliments of Tammy's Sweet Life ~ and it was the easiest cake I have ever made.

The ingrediants are : Canned pumpkin and spice cake mix. Thats it!

You mix the two, put in a greased bundt pan and bake 35 - 45 minutes at 350 (do the toothpick test).
I drizzled mine with a little sugar and cinamon glaze. It's a moist cake, like pumpkin pie in the middle, and really yummy.

We had wonderful weather for the holiday. (well, in MY opinion). It was windy, wet and with misty rain. My husband and I took a walk in the misty rain along the canal near our house ~ a short walk ~ but very nice just the same.

I have a feeling my husbands grandmothers who have both passed may have been a bit miffed at the snub of being left out of our Samhain celebration. At 2:30 AM a "prank" email went out to several random people, from my husbands email address. It was a link to a web site for various medications. No real meaning, just odd (espeacially since the first medication listed was Viagra!). It went to some family members, the girl scout troup leader, and my daughters history teacher..... ! My husband was asleep when it went out~ and it came from his email address. He has no clue about how it happened, and has not been to that web site. I think it was a prank from one of his grandmothers who had that kind of sense of humor when they were alive.


  1. Mmmm, that pumpkin cake DOES look good! I'm glad we found we other's blogs. I know I will enjoy reading yours!

  2. Glad you got out for a haunt-about! A little mist is good, I think! No rain here, which was a nice change.

    I've received a message from a friend that said she was in England and needed money to get home. Spam! I think there was a problem with Facebook a while back, and some people's email addresses got hacked. Perhaps your hubby's did to? I would hope his grandmothers would have other ways to send him a sign - lol!