Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moonlit Sunrise

One night as she lay fast asleep,
Into her drowsy eyes,
A great still light began to creep
From out of silent skies.
It was the lovely moon, for when
She raised her dreamy head,
The surge of light filled the room
And streamed across her bed.
So, for a while, each gazed at each-
She and the solemn moon-
Till, climbing slowly on it’s way,
It vanished, all too soon.
By Walter de la Mare
It has been such a beautiful moon. The best time is in the morning when the moon is still bright while the sun is rising! For those few moments, both are shinning at the same time in a very delicate balance. Watching the moon fade slowly while the sky grows brighter is like listening to fine music, while sipping champgne :)
Since so many of us are being romanced by the same moon, I thought I would share an old full moon ritual ~ the origin is uncertain as it's been around for some time, and has been edited by many. Please talor it to suit your likes.


Under a full Moon, use a silver alter cloth with a small mirror and your journal placed on top, both bound together with a silver cord.
After setting your space, calling the elements, and centering yourself, then in thoughts or words, reach out to the goddess of your intent;

Crone of the Moon and of the night
Crone of wisdom and guiding light
Grant me your clarity and insight
To see clearly through the words I write

Burn lavender and pepermint with your favorite herbs.
Keep your journal near your bed, to write your thoughts just before going to sleep, and in the morning if you remember your dreams.

*Peace and Blessings *


  1. Lovely ritual.

    I was just outside, watching the moon head West as the sun was lightening the sky! Such a gorgeous moon this month! Glad you are enjoying her too!

  2. yes, it's a particularily beautiful moon! We are so lucky ! I am really happy when I wake up early enough to still see her!