Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disapearing Smudgesticks !

I rolled all my sage into newspaper rolls a couple weeks ago to dry it out so I could make up some smudge bundles.
Next time I know that one week is plenty, since these seemed a little dry for wrapping tightly.
The funny part was, I would wrap a bundle or two, then check food on the stove, or do something else, and when I came back, it seemed like I wasn't any further along with my project. Once, when I was sure I had four bundles rolled, I came back to find two. So, it didn't take much detective work to find the culprit.

There was our old faithful boy, caught red handed, chewing on a smudge stick ! I didn't think dogs even liked sage !!! What amazed me, was that he's never really that sly. Ane he NEVER gets up on the table ! Hmm.... So, a small repremand, and back to my task. (Very small repremand, as I am a real sucker when he gives me those adorable eyes ! )
So, of course, I come back to the table to find another one missing ! This time, I bust the caper wide open. It was a well though out plan. Our jinxy kitty would get up on the table, snag one of the bundles.....

Then when he grew board with it, or was in jeopardy of getting caught, he would pass the thing on to the dog...

..making it the ideal crime! I know I didn't put catnip in these, but anything I am working on becomes of great interest to kitty, and since he rules the house (in his mind anyway) it was just the way things went.
The funnyest thing was to see the two of them "punking" me ! I guess in a world of dumb humans the animals have to stick together!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is totally something my cats would do! Poor pup - caught with the evidence even though it wasn't his fault! I couldn't be mad at that sweet face either!

    Enjoy what's left of your smudge!

  2. how funny... youjust have to love the antics of pets

  3. I used to love gardina plants, till I found that my cats would break of branch's and play with them... then go back and get some more. Now I just smell the flowers while in the store.... they are safer there!

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