Sunday, November 8, 2009


After some minor room re-arrainging my altar has a bit of a new look, so, with some prompting from Hibuscus Moon to share our altars, I thought I would post it. Since my photography leaves alot to be desired, I'll give you the "guided tour": My illuminated Hecate idol is the centerpiece, with two small candle holders on each side. I still have some Samhain oil left in the two small oil lamps on each side, in front of the candle holders. I have the crescent moon oil / incense burner on the far left, which I've had for about 15 years (in spite of my hyper kitty!). In front of the cresecent moon are my tarot cards, and a small journal I keep notes in from my readings. And on the far right is my rosemary sachet. This is the typical set up, except for some minor changes, if I am doing something specific. The absolutely blank wall in the background is just waiting patiently for the right piece that calls out to me. So far, the blank wall gets my attention, almost to the point of distraction. I just can't resist a "blank palate". For me, it's worse than money burning a hole in my pocket. But I want to take my time and be rather selective about what I mount there. So for now, it is just what it is. I may put a mirror up until the just right piece finds it's home there.
I would love to see other's altars too.
*Peace and Blessings*


  1. Great altar. You know I had a flash of an idea for you. Instead of doing a regular mirror why not make yourself a huge scrying mirror with a big picture frame. Get a 16x20 frame, paint the back of the glass and voila. Instant scrying mirror. With the black table runner and candles it'd look beautiful.

    Whatcha think?

    Speaking of altars though it's high time I got one together. Now you've inspired me to get my butt in gear.

  2. Thats a GREAT idea - I really love it ~
    Thanks !

  3. Very nice! Looks very peaceful!

  4. No problem. Can't wait to see your finished altar. ;)

  5. Hi Darlin! I'm still here - just run off my feet these last two days with work and trying to plan a last minute trip. Still waiting to hear whether I got the deal I was looking for (trying to get to Mexico!)

    Love your altar! Mine is so busy. I took several things off it after Samhain, but it's still pretty full. I'm going to have to rethink it soon.

  6. Your alter is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I have just a tiny alter, I'll take a photo of it and put it on my blog. I want to make a larger one and have been gathering items for it.

  7. I think it looks perfect: simple, inviting, YOURS. At the end that is all that matters. I really like what you've done.