Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nor'Easter Stew

We were hit with what they are calling a "Nor'Easter". It hasn't been cold at all. Just windy and rainy. My absolutely FAVORITE weather! But, just the sound of a "Nor Easter" makes you think it will be cold. The time of year I appreciate my crock pot the most!
I like making it chunky, almost bohemian, with full or half mushrooms, and large meat chunks.

I love the feeling of coming home from work, and the whole house smells like dinner already! There is no real "recipe" for this stew - it's just all your favorite veggies, and if you like meat, throw that in too. My husband likes spicy stuff, so just to perk it up, I add some spicy Itallian sausage bits too (I boil and drain the sausage ahead of time so the stew won't be full of grease). This "formula" also works great for chili, another winter dish that warms the tummy and soul ! Especially when combined with warm rolls or corn bread !


  1. Oh Yes! I love my crock pot!!!! and that looks totaly yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I have Chili in my crock pot now. Will make the corn bread later. Great minds think alike. LOL


  3. I have a pot of chili on the stove now. Even though the temp here has moved up to the 70's, it will still keep me warm next week when we drop back down to the 50's and 60's. :)

  4. Oh I love that too this time of year. I was just looking a beef bougignon (sp?). Your stew looks so yummy.

  5. Oh yum - this looks fabulous! We've had our 'hatches' battered these last two days. Wind is still knocking us around today. I feel like curling up and hiding with a book and a bowl of that stew!

    Hugs to you dearest - keep warm!

  6. Missing you - just wanted to say "hi!" Do let us know what you are up to, when you have a moment.


  7. Ohhh that looks soo yummy! You are making me hungry and thinking about pulling that ol' crock pot out!

  8. yum! and I lovelovelove fat mushrooms, here
    in new york we are recovering from a snowstorm,
    can't wait to try this for the next one,
    I'll try lamb.

  9. LOVE CROCKPOT... beautiful blog sister friend (0: